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"Should've, Could've, Would've"

Should I have pushed more?

Could I have changed the result?

Would I have mattered more?

Should we have waited so long?

Could we both be honest?

Would we have made it through?

Should you have spoken up sooner?

Could you show me the courage?

Would you have given me more answers?

Should this wound still hurt?

Could this just be a bad nightmare?

Would this pain ever go away?


"Some Are"

Some are like magnets

You just can't stay away.

Some are like angels

That just want to keep you safe.

Some are like drugs

That make you crash as they leave.

Some are like demons

That will haunt you the rest of your days.


"You Remember?

You remember, don't you?

That hole in your heart. That spot you'll never repair.

You remember, don't you?

Who could ever forget?

That pain you felt run through your body.

The agony of trying to breathe against mountains.

You remember, because it's still there.

You remember, because you've begged,

and you screamed through the overflowing tears

for the pain be taken away night after night.

You remember, don't you?



You relive it all day, and all night.

We've all been through it - so they say.

If that's true, I need to know - how can anyone actually survive this?

You sit there, and you watch the world you built together crumble as it crashes into you like knives.

Can anyone understand it enough to explain it?

Please try, I so desperately need to understand.

Why skin is continuously and horrifically being ripped away from the body, piece by piece.

As the jagged knife engraves the memories into my bones every day, all day, to remind me.

The pain I've never felt is now real, because I relive it all day, and all night.


"Took Something"

He broke her.

Like a perfect thief.

He took something.

Something she'll never get back.

Something she'll never feel again.

Something she'll crave until it becomes numb in her brain.

He took the best of her.


"As If"

He smiled, as if his sole purpose in life

was to slowly torture her with his smile.

Her empty face with eyes glazed over.

She waited for the screams inside her body to stop.

She begged them. Please just stop.

She couldn't bare the pain.

Yet she was addicted to those eyes like drugs in her veins.

He smiled, as if he could see her world

crumble within.

He smiled, as if that was his intention all along.

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